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The EP-45 motor gearboxes are maintenance-free, compact drive units for operating ventilation, display screen and flap ventilation systems in greenCAMBIO MOTOR WORM WORM PER ACOPLAMENTU IN CATENA SERRA GW80 houses and livestock houses. The EP-45 engine gearboxes are made to work at ambient temps between 0 and 60 °C.

All EP-45 engine gearboxes include a self-braking worm equipment transmission. The EP- engine gearbox’s self-braking worm equipment transmission ensures that the output shaft is definitely braked when the drive unit is stopped. The combination of thoroughly matched pinion and worm reductions results in an exceedingly quiet mechanical transmission.

The EP-45 motor gearboxes feature a patented integrated linear limit-switch system with duty and safety switches having excellent switching precision. The utmost switching selection of the limit-switch program equates to 97 revolutions of the drive shaft. The optional RPU PositioningUnit accurately monitors the existing placement of a drive system and transmits this data back again to your climate computer or controller. This position feedback can also be achieved using an installation arranged with a potentiometer.

E scatule di trasmissione di u mutore EP-45 sò finite cù un rivestimentu in polvere grisgiu grafite è sò furnite cumpresi bulloni di fissaggio è rondelle di primavera.